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What’s the Difference Between Regular & Playground Mulch in Cincinnati?

Rubber MulchYou might think that all mulch is the same, but that just isn’t the case. Different types of mulch are created to provide different types of benefits for the areas they are going to cover. Take, for example, the differences between regular mulch and playground mulch in Cincinnati.

Regular Mulch – Is typically made out of natural wood chips that have been treated to ensure they are free of any plant pathogens, harmful pests, or weed seeds that can damage your yard or garden. Regular mulch is designed to provide effective weed control while degenerating into soil nutrients for enhanced fertility. Furthermore, regular mulch features a soft, shredded texture that allows it to easily fit into any space on your yard.

Playground Mulch – Normally made out of recycled rubber, this type of mulch is designed to resist erosion by the elements. This helps you avoid the need to replace it on an annual basis. While this type of mulch doesn’t need to be replaced as often, it also doesn’t break down into nutrients, which means less of a benefit to the soil. It is, however, just as good at stopping weeds in their tracks. Do not be confused by the name, however, because not all playground mulch is good for play fields.