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What an Arborist Can Do for You

Arborist in CincinnatiIt is important to remember that the trees in a yard are living things and essential additions to your landscape. That means they need to be treated with a certain amount of care to ensure that they continue to remain healthy. Unlike someone with just a chainsaw and a ladder, an arborist in Cincinnati, OH, actually understands what trees need to avoid illness and issues.


An arborist is a specialist in the art and science of caring for trees. This specialized training allows them to better enhance a tree’s health, beauty, and structural soundness. There are many different ways that one of these specialists can help homeowners and commercial property owners with their trees, including:


  • Pruning Services – Improves the overall health, appearance, and safety of your trees.
  • Planting Services – Finds the right tree for the right place in your yard.
  • Preventative Care & Maintenance Services – Ensures the tree’s sound structure and overall good health.
  • Emergency Tree Services – Reduces the risk of further damage to people or property.
  • Tree Removal Services – Assists and safely removes hazardous trees.
  • Tree Appraisal Services – Finds the worth of your trees.
  • Hazardous Tree Assessment Services – Discovers potential problem trees in your yard.
  • Lightning Protection System Installation Services – Protects your trees from lightning strikes.
  • Stump Grinding Services – Removes unwanted stumps from dead or removed trees.
  • Protection Plan Services – Helps you keep existing trees safe during construction projects.