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Tree Problems You May be Facing This Summer

arborist cincinnati Summer is the time for growth and renewal. Your trees and shrubs burst with greenery and flowers and start sending new shoots and roots to become more established in your garden. However, summer is also a time that you can run into problems with your plants, and advice from a professional arborist in Cincinnati might be in order.

Diseases & Insects

Warm weather and rain are not only friends to your trees and shrubs; diseases and insects also love the improved conditions. Watch out for brown or yellowing on leaves and check for fungus and insect activity. They can both quickly cause foliage to start dying and compromise the plant’s health.

Overcoming Drought

Summer heat means your plants get thirsty. Curled and dried leaves indicate that the plant is struggling. A deep drink a few times a week will help keep them healthy and strong.

Overzealous Pruning

Although it’s tempting to snip excess growth, try not to overdo it. While your trees and shrubs don’t mind some judicious trimming, and many often benefit from it, less is more with some species. If you’re not sure, call in an arborist, so pruning is done correctly.

Transplanting Stress

Introducing a new plant to your yard can be exciting for you but stressful for the plant. They can experience shock when they get moved, and in some cases, never recover. Apply a plant start product during the transplant, and you’ll see a higher rate of survival.