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Tips on Using Your Dumpster During the Winter

Dumpster in WinterDumpster rentals in Cincinnati, OH, are a smart and economical way to keep your property neat and orderly. While the wintertime may convince you to stay indoors, the fact of the matter is that all garbage needs to be taken out eventually. Here are some tips you can apply to get the most from your dumpster–even when the weather and temperature don’t feel like cooperating.


First, keep your work area plowed and free from snow. Your dumpster needs enough free space for you to be able to use it. Equally important: truck operators still need access to your unit so they can clear out the waste. Clearing your place of snow will help you and the driver.


Another thing you will want to do is keep your pathways to the dumpster safe. Slipping and falling can be dangerous–especially during the winter. Shovel the snow and apply rock salt on pathways to minimize the likelihood of an accident.


Finally, protect your dumpster rental and yourself from the elements. Cover your dumpster with a tarp to keep the snow out. Additionally, you may want to bundle up with a good coat, footwear, gloves, and a hat whenever you need to take out the trash.


By following these guidelines, you can keep using your dumpster relatively easily during the wintertime. You may also want to get in touch with your dumpster rental company to learn about any additional protocols or procedures they observe during the winter.