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The Pros and Cons of Rubber Mulch for Playgrounds

Rubber Mulch for PlaygroundsRubber mulch is becoming quite popular lately because it’s a safe, ecologically friendly playground surfacing choice. Rubber mulch does tend to last for a lifetime and is simple to install and maintain. It never decomposes, it doesn’t allow for mold or insects, and it will never leave splinters.


If you are considering bulk rubber mulch in Cincinnati, OH, you may wonder how it ranks on the safety scale, and how kids can be kept safer on rubber mulch playgrounds. Here are several factors to consider.


Composition Rubber mulch generally consists of shredded, recycled tires. It has been processed to remove all traces of wire and steel so that it is completely safe for kids and pets. You should take care to choose a reputable bulk rubber mulch company that offers a wire-free guarantee.


Impact Attenuation Shock absorbency is rubber mulch’s biggest advantage when compared to any other surfacing material. Just 6 inches of rubber mulch depth protects children against falls from a 9-foot height. No other surfacing material offers this level of protection against falls.


Drainage – Rubber mulch does not naturally retain moisture, but there does need to be adequate drainage beneath the play area. Bulk rubber mulch providers should be consulted regarding drainage systems before installation.