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Comprehensive Tree Services

Discover a better way to care for your property’s greenery. At Perfect Cut Tree Service, we take pride in offering a complete line of tree services, meant to keep your trees looking their best. Not only that, we go above and beyond by offering tree-adjacent services for your soil, grass, and more. To find out more or request a free estimate based on your needs, contact us today.

We carry essential products, including firewood, mulch, compost, and topsoil. We’re the one-stop shop for everything you need to keep your property looking its best in every season.

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man in tree cutting limbs

Tree Removal: Sometimes damaged or diseased trees can’t be saved. When that happens, complete removal is often the best course of action. Our arborists have the tools needed to safely remove any tree on your property.

Tree Trimming: Regular trimming is essential to keeping any tree healthy. Without trimming, trees can end up putting too much energy into growth that leaves it looking unbalanced or lopsided. Plus, scheduled trimming helps control disease.

Tree Cabling: Give your trees the support they deserve with our tree cabling. Cabling provides weak branches with critical structural support, reducing chances of snapping, bending, and warping.

Lightning Rods: Because they’re so tall, trees are especially at risk for being struck by lightning. Unfortunately, even a single strike can mean a death sentence for trees. With lightning rods, though, you can reduce the chance for severe damage.

soil analysis toolDisease/Soil Analysis: You can learn more about your tree's soil. With an analysis from our company, it’s easy to get in-depth information about its consistency--and how that affects your trees.

Insect Control: Put a stop to stubborn, tree-killing insects with help from Perfect Cut Tree Service. We offer a range of solutions to help prevent pesky critters that would otherwise infest your healthy trees.

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person plating new treeTree Planting: When you’re interested in adding more trees to your property, our arborists are up to the challenge. Let us make this process simpler and faster with our years of experience and know-how. There are many benefits adding trees can have, they give off oxygen, provide shade, add beauty and value to your property. We will work with you to make sure that what is planted can thrive and will contribute to your property goals.

Mulch Manufacturing: Don’t settle for mulch that doesn’t offer everything your trees deserve. Perfect Cut Tree Service offers many different kinds of mulch, and we can manufacture as much as you need.

Feeding & Fertilizing: Does your tree need fertilizing? Help your property thrive with arborist-preferred fertilizer. We will make sure your trees have all the needed nutrients to survive and continue growing healthy. We can assess the condition of the surrounding soil and recommend the best fertilizer to keep your trees beautiful.

old tree stumpStump Removal: After tree removal, you may be left with an unsightly stump. With some stumps the tree can regenerate or grow fungal that may be harmful. Thankfully, you don’t have to mow around it forever. Just leave the removal work to our capable crew.

Landscaping: We can help with your garden maintenance. We will bring design solutions to create a beautiful environment in your own backyard. We are currently offering this service to Georgia, Greater Northern Atlanta to Marietta.

Contact us for more information about the tree services above, or to schedule an appointment. We proudly serve the Greater Cincinnati area and Greater Northern Atlanta.