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Spring Cleaning for Your Garden – Tips and Steps


Choosing MulchWhen the calendar turns to spring, most people turn their thoughts to spending more time outdoors, enjoying the sunshine and warm weather. Others think of spring cleaning, and some combine the two by renewing their gardens.


If you are one of those folks with a green thumb and you’re itching to get digging in the dirt again, we’re ready to help you at Perfect Cut Tree Service with tips and steps to get your garden ready to show its majesty and grandeur once again.


Your garden can suffer during the cold and dreary fall and winter months and show the effects in ways ranging from piles of dead leaves to plant damage. It’s best to wait until the ground has thawed and dried out before you get to work, though, because wet soil can be easily compacted and inhibit root growth.


Make sure that mulch delivery in Cincinnati is on your checklist for your garden renewal project. Not only does mulch add aesthetic value to your plants and trees and borders, but it also helps retain moisture in the soil, which directly benefits your plants.


Before you spread any mulch, make sure you’ve removed dead plant material that can harbor disease and fungus, which will harm your new plant growth. Dead plants can also hide weeds and let them get a firm hold. Speaking of removing things, make sure you remove winter mulch before scheduling a new mulch delivery. Also, make sure to remove other coverings like burlap, windscreens, rose cones, and straw.


Take the time to remove dead annuals and dead growth from perennials. It’s also an excellent time to prune your shrubs, but don’t prune blooming ones, wait until they’re done putting out blooms.


Finally, before you dig into your mulch delivery, make sure to edge your garden beds to remove grass, which has crept into the beds.


These simple steps will help make the most of your garden spring cleaning and deliver benefits throughout the growing season.