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There’s nothing quite like the beauty of trees to enhance your property. However, this beauty can quickly disappear if the trees aren’t pruned correctly and at the correct time. Take a minute to read through these four signs that it’s time for tree trimming in Cincinnati.

Broken & Damaged Branches

In addition to looking unsightly, broken and damaged branches pose a serious safety risk. Take the time to thoroughly inspect all your trees for signs of storm damage, cracking, splintering, and bowing. If you notice any of these signs, you should have your trees pruned. This will help you avoid the unfortunate circumstance of a branch falling and hurting someone you care about.

Diseased & Dead Limbs

Just like humans, disease is a real threat to trees. One diseased section can quickly spread and infect the entire tree. Therefore, it’s crucial to remove these diseased or dead branches before your entire grove of trees is jeopardized.

Misshapen Trees

Although oddly-shaped trees add a certain uniqueness to your property, they cause more trouble than they’re worth. Misshapen trees can lead to uneven weight distribution across the branches, which can further lead to broken branches, splintered limbs, and unattractive growth. This is especially true when trees are located near powerlines. If any of your trees—misshapen or otherwise—are encroaching on nearby powerlines, it’s time for pruning.

Dense Overgrowth

If your trees are growing too quickly or too densely, it can compromise the health of the plants and lawn underneath. A tree canopy that blocks all the sunlight from reaching other plants is detrimental to your entire outdoor space. A simple pruning will ensure that every plant has sufficient sunshine to be healthy.

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