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Covering Mulch Myths from Providers of the Best Mulch in Cincinnati

Eco-Friendly MulchWhile shopping around for the best mulch in Cincinnati, you’ll likely receive a lot of conflicting information about products. The following are some oft-repeated myths you may hear about organic mulches – and the facts.


Myth #1: Organic Mulch Deprives Your Plants of Nitrogen

Some people believe that since organic matter decomposes in soil, the microorganisms that facilitate decomposition will sap the nitrogen from the soil and force your plants’ roots to compete for resources. However, mulch is not in the soil – it is on top. Thus, any decomposition is minor and should not adversely affect your plants.


Myth #2: Organic Mulch Attracts Insects and Vermin

It’s also assumed that since organic mulch creates a cool, moist environment, it’s not the best mulch for anyone with insect concerns. While it’s true that the cool, moist layer is hospitable for both plants and pests, there’s no evidence that it attracts infestations. Indeed, the insects that live under mulch are a part of the healthy, balanced ecosystem that plants need to thrive. If you’re worried about bugs finding their way into your home, just be mindful to leave a one-foot bare space between your mulch beds and your building.


Myth #3: Organic Mulch Always Washes or Blows Away

It’s true that some types of mulch are more easily moved than others. However, the solution is simple: take the time to consider which variety is the best mulch for your environment. For example, if the area receives a lot of foot traffic, then flat chips of wood mulch will do well because they can compact down to create a firm surface. Talk to a landscaper to learn more about your options.


Myth 4: It’s Hard to Maintain Organic Mulch

Finally, some property owners have the misconception that organic mulch is particularly difficult to work with and maintain. In reality, it’s no more challenging than any other kind of mulch. Again, the key is to carefully consider which type is the best mulch in Cincinnati. Most varieties of organic mulch are lightweight, making them easy to move around in your yard. Furthermore, they can often blend nicely with a little leaf litter, reducing the need for raking. Do your research to ensure you make the right choice for your property.