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Choosing Trimming or Tree Removal in Cincinnati – Which Is Better for Your Home?

Although you love the shade and beauty your trees provide, if they’re too close to your home, they can become a hazard. Determining whether you need trimming or tree removal in Cincinnati is best left to an arborist who can assess the situation and offer advice.

How Close Is Too Close

A good rule of thumb is to ensure trees are at least 15 feet from the foundation of a home. If they’re taller than 60 feet, they should be at least 20 feet away. Trees planted close to homes can cause multiple problems like foundation damage, broken branches hitting the house, and leaves and debris clogging the gutters. Trimming may alleviate issues, but tree removal is usually the preferred option if the foundation of your home becomes comprised.

Choose Wisely

When choosing trees to plant on your property, it’s essential to understand their growth habits. The tree’s appearance may be esthetically pleasing; however, some types can grow extensive root systems, weaken with age, or become much larger than you thought.

Protect Your Home

Tree trimming can save the tree’s life and preserve its place in your yard for many years to come. However, it will likely face removal if its root system is causing damage to your landscaping, driveway, or house foundation. An experienced company will tell you which option is best and what measures will protect the integrity of your home.