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Blending Recycled Green Waste with the Best Mulch in Cincinnati to Boost Benefits

Good Garden MulchThe soil in your garden serves as the lifeblood for your plants and flowers therefore, it’s crucial to ensure it stays nutrient-dense. Two ways you can guarantee this is with composting or mulch, two additives that are usually used separately. However, the two can be used in combination to drastically improve the state of your soil, for which your plants will be grateful. Consider combining your compost with the best mulch in Cincinnati.


The Benefits of Compost

Compost is created from organic matter, such as scraps of vegetables, leaves, and coffee grounds. This organic matter is broken down by naturally occurring bacteria and insects, eventually becoming a thick, soil-like substance called humus, which is rich with nutrients.


Plant roots are always in search of nutrient-rich soil and will continue to extend until they discover some. By tilling humus into your soil, your plants will be provided with a high-quality source of food, and the organisms in the surrounding earth will be stimulated as well.


The Benefits of Mulch

Adding a layer of the best mulch in Cincinnati to the top of your garden affords it numerous benefits. It works as an effective weed deterrent, helps moderate the temperature of the soil, prevents water evaporation, and stops erosion caused by wind. A layer of mulch can also do wonders for your garden’s aesthetics. Mulch will break down over time, so you will eventually have to add another layer — but this is a good thing. As the organic mulch breaks down, it will add further nutrients to the soil.


The Best of Both Worlds

By using compost and the best mulch in Cincinnati in tandem, your garden’s growing capabilities will be drastically enhanced. Your plants will have fertile soil from which to draw nutrients, and the soil will have a layer of protection that will effectively lock in those nutrients. And over time, more nutrients will seep into the soil as the organic mulch begins to break down. It’s a match made in heaven.