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Renting Dumpsters for Spring Cleanups in Cincinnati

blue dumpsterSpring cleaning is a big project, especially if you aim to remodel, throw out a lot of clutter, or free up space in your garage or shed. Rather than leaving a trash bag mountain at your curb to wait for weekly garbage pickup, simplify the job by renting a dumpster.

Using our dumpsters for cleanups in Cincinnati lets you skip the hassle of bagging items, plus you won’t have to worry about creating a nuisance for your neighbors and sanitation workers. Best of all, if you have large or unwieldy items to remove, you can just toss them into the dumpster with no fuss. The work will go quicker, and you’ll create less mess in the course of your spring cleaning.

Choosing Your Dumpster Size

A 14-yard or 20-yard dumpster can accommodate nearly any residential spring cleaning project. Use the following guidelines to choose a dumpster for cleanup between these two standard sizes.

When you’re working on a shed, a couple of small rooms, a basement, or a garage, a 14-yard dumpster will likely suffice—unless you anticipate throwing out a lot of large items like all the furnishing from a bedroom. Projects that involve removing big furniture or appliances should utilize a 20-yard dumpster to be safe. Talk to our team if you’re ever unsure which dumpster size to choose.