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It’s Time to Revitalize Your Garden

Mulch in CincinnatiIn winter, to keep your plants healthy and warm, you’ll likely cover them with the best mulch in Cincinnati. Mulch provides insulation for your garden so that it can continue to flourish through the harshness of the lower temperatures. However, this insulation can prove to be an obstacle once spring comes around.


Mulch’s Purpose & When to Clear It

When mulch or leaves cover your plants, it can trap cold air in the spring and prevent your greenery from getting the sunlight it requires. That’s when it’s time to pull back the mulch and allow your garden to thrive. The soil can warm faster and gives new sprouts the opportunity to bloom.


Mulch can still come in handy if the temperature drops again, so keep it nearby just in case. Insects and other critters will eat away at the organic matter that covers the plants, so you don’t need to worry too much if you leave a light layer of insulation. The mulch around your trees or shrubs can stay where it is, as it does not prevent these plants from growing. By utilizing the best mulch available, you can rest assured that your garden can stay healthy throughout the winter months.