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How to Recognise Good Garden Mulch

Good Garden MulchHow to Recognise the Best Mulch in Cincinnati

With so many types of mulch available for your yard or garden, it can be challenging to choose which one to use. Here’s what you need to know to pick the best mulch in Cincinnati for your landscaping needs.


Shredded Bark

One of the most common and least expensive types of mulch is shredded bark. It originates from a variety of sources, including cedar trees. It’s one of the best mulch types to use on sloping areas, and it breaks down relatively slowly. Some shredded-bark products are byproducts from other industries and are considered environmentally sustainable.



Straw mulch has a lovely golden color that looks great in any garden. It also takes a bit longer to break down than leaves or grass clippings. If you grow produce in your garden, then straw maybe the best mulch for you. Straw is traditionally used in more practical gardens, such as vegetable gardens, and under strawberry plants. Straw does a fantastic job of keeping mud out of your edibles.



Compost looks like soil, only it’s much darker, so it highlights plants well. This mulch material does break down more quickly, but it’s the best mulch for adding to your soil structure the fastest. Plus, it’s pretty inexpensive, and you can create your own rich compost for free, even from grass clippings and leaves. Many municipalities also give away compost.


Pine or Cedar Bark Chips

Bark nuggets are much slower to break down than shredded bark, but they don’t stay in place very well. They’re not the best mulch for slopes or other areas where they may be washed away by heavy rain, as the chips tend to float and take off like boats.