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How Lightning Rods Protect Your Trees

Lightening Striking a TreeWhen thunderstorms start rolling into the area, your cherished trees can be put at risk due to lightning strikes. This danger also extends to everything on the ground since a tree that is struck by lightning can end up sending down branches, limbs, and even the entire tree can come crashing down. While there isn’t much you can do to control Mother Nature, there is something you can do to curb her destructive fury—add lightning rods to your trees.


By working with your local tree service in Cincinnati, OH, you are able to drastically reduce the damaging consequences that can come with a lightning strike on your tree. A professional arborist will understand the different risks in your yard–including the species of trees you have, their height, their location, and their proximity to structures–and then make the necessary recommendations for where to place your rods.


If you are worried about the look of these lightning rod systems; don’t be. They are relatively inconspicuous when attached to your trees. Not only that, but when they are properly installed, these rod systems are non-injurious, permanent, and very reliable. That means they are a great safety system for the trees in your yard.