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Get the Most Out of the Mulch You Choose

Choosing Mulch Mulching your landscaping can give your garden beds many benefits, like suppressing weeds, conserving moisture, reducing erosion, and decreasing water runoff. Here are a few of the best tips from landscape designers for making the most of mulch in your yard.


Try Out Different Mulches


If you are considering mulch delivery in Cincinnati, OH, there is a variety of choices from which to choose. Go with something different than you have in the past. Try different textures, such as pine straw and shredded hardwood bark. If you’re looking for something trendy, consider a color-enhanced mulch. You could even add leaf compost to your beds, which grants your garden a healthy boost as the leaves decompose.


Use Mulch as an Accent


Mulching can help lawns be healthier, but it also has an aesthetic value. Choose a colored mulch that complements the exterior color of your home. For example, choosing a mulch delivery of brownish/red pine mulch goes well with brick houses. Using a dark mulch can contrast nicely against colorful flowers, making your lawn pop and improving your landscape design.


Clean It Out On Occasion


If you are re-mulching a bed, remove some of the old mulch. Sometimes mulch has been added to the beds multiple times, so landscapers and gardeners recommend taking out and replacing a good portion of the mulch that has built up over time.