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Eco-Friendly Mulch Delivery in Cincinnati

Eco-Friendly MulchEco-Friendly Mulch

Applying mulch is a fantastic way to support growing plants and to make a garden more aesthetically pleasing. A good layer of mulch will improve soil moisture by holding in water, and preventing soil run-off when there is too much rain. If you are looking for mulch delivery in Cincinnati, here are some eco-friendly mulch material options:


Cocoa Mulch

Cocoa mulch is made out of the byproduct of commercial cocoa bean grinding. The hulls happen to be nitrogen-rich and very beneficial for plant soil. They also effectively deter weeds, snails, and slugs. Please note, however, that there are warnings that they may be dangerous for dogs as they contain the same chemical that makes chocolate toxic to canines.


Pine Needles

Also known as pine straw, pine needles are another great eco-friendly choice for mulch delivery. As pine trees naturally shed the needles, they are a renewable, sustainable resource. They are also incredibly effective at preventing water run-off. Pine needles are perfect for acid-loving plants such as roses, azaleas, and oleanders.



Newspaper mulch is one of the most environmentally friendly options out there. It is renewable, a biodegradable source of carbon, and completely safe. Also, as long as you read the paper, this type of mulch is free, and you won’t need mulch delivery.


Straw Mulch

Straw mulch has always been environmentally-friendly and inexpensive. An entire bale can cost as little as four dollars. However, the only downside is that it can blow away with strong winds.