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Does Your Tree Need Cabling by a Cincinnati Arborist?

arborist in a treeLike all living things, trees can suffer from damage or growth defects, causing them to grow in unattractive or even dangerous ways. When you have a troublesome tree on your property, cabling by a Cincinnati arborist may be the best solution to ensure it grows safely and beautifully in the future.

What is Tree Cabling?

You may have heard cabling referred to as bracing. Simply put, cabling or bracing a tree means installing flexible steel cables that stabilize the tree and reduce its stress. It’s especially helpful for trees with weak branches or limbs that cannot withstand severe weather or heavy burdens of snow or foliage.

Would My Tree Benefit?

Since cabling improves the tree’s longevity and overall health, most trees could benefit from it. However, arborists typically recommend cabling for these reasons:

Open Wound: When there is an open wound in the trunk or a branch, your tree is especially vulnerable to diseases and fungi. Cabling helps keep your tree intact while it heals.

Codominant Stems: A tree with two or more main stems emerging from the same location on the trunk has a higher risk of failure. The junction between the stems undergoes constant extreme stress, making the tree extra susceptible to breakage. Cabling reduces the risk.

Damage Control: An arborist may recommend cabling if your tree is at risk of losing a limb due to uneven growth, weather damage, or any other reason. With the right technique, your tree will remain whole and beautiful for the rest of its natural life.