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Spring Tree Trimming and Pruning

arborist trimming a treeSpring tree pruning is like spring cleaning for your garden or yard. Not only will removing the old, dead branches from shrubs and trees improve the plants’ health, but it can also enhance the look of your property.

How to Prune Trees in Spring

The right tree pruning depends on the type of tree and the season. You may be comfortable doing the task yourself, or it may be more convenient to arrange for a professional to handle the landscaping and tree trimming in Cincinnati, OH. While light pruning can be done any time of year on any tree, anything more than removing the deadwood can potentially harm your tree if its not done in the proper season. Taking down branches broken during winter storms is not an issue, but you should wait until the coldest part of winter has passed to do any major work.

Removing dead, diseased, and weak growth with tree trimming is the key to improving a growing tree’s health. Thinning out a tree also allows for more light and air to get in, enhancing its strength and overall condition.

Spring Tree Pruning by Type

The ideal time to prune your tree will depend on when it typically starts to bloom. If a tree starts to flower after midsummer, then spring is the best time for tree trimming. Trees that usually bloom in the winter, spring, or early fall should be pruned soon after the flowers have faded. The timeline here can help you decide when to start pruning some common trees and shrubs.

  • When budding starts: Rose of Sharon
  • After flowering: Flowering dogwood, forsythia, lilac, rhododendron, and climbing rose
  • Early spring: Apple, cherry, peach, plum, and trumpet vine
  • Spring: Virginia creeper, wisteria, rose, and clematis



Signs It’s Time for Tree Removal

tree stump being removedRemoving a tree from your property could be a difficult experience. However, when a tree poses safety risks to people or objects in its shade below, the smartest thing to do is contact a professionally trained arborist for tree removal in Cincinnati, OH. Diagnosing a dead tree or damaged is truly a two-person task. You and your local arborist both play a key role in keeping your yard safe from hazardous trees.

To help you notice the telltale signs of when a tree needs to be removed, here are a few solid tips:

Signs That Your Tree is Dead or Diseased

Begin by scratching a small piece of bark off of a few twigs on the tree. If the layer underneath the otter bark is brown and dry, it may need tree removal. Continue to look for other signs, including:

  • Decay – Producing Fungi, Like Mushrooms at the Base of the Trunk
  • Peeling or Chipped Bark
  • Cracks in the Trunk
  • Cavities in the Trunk or Large Scaffold Branches
  • Hanging or Dead branches in the Upper Crown
  • Fine Twigs With No Living Buds On the Ends of Branches

If you spot one or more of these signs, it’s time to contact a professional arborist to step in and determine if tree removal is needed. Get in touch to schedule a tree risk assessment.


Renting Dumpsters for Spring Cleanups in Cincinnati

blue dumpsterSpring cleaning is a big project, especially if you aim to remodel, throw out a lot of clutter, or free up space in your garage or shed. Rather than leaving a trash bag mountain at your curb to wait for weekly garbage pickup, simplify the job by renting a dumpster.

Using our dumpsters for cleanups in Cincinnati lets you skip the hassle of bagging items, plus you won’t have to worry about creating a nuisance for your neighbors and sanitation workers. Best of all, if you have large or unwieldy items to remove, you can just toss them into the dumpster with no fuss. The work will go quicker, and you’ll create less mess in the course of your spring cleaning.

Choosing Your Dumpster Size

A 14-yard or 20-yard dumpster can accommodate nearly any residential spring cleaning project. Use the following guidelines to choose a dumpster for cleanup between these two standard sizes.

When you’re working on a shed, a couple of small rooms, a basement, or a garage, a 14-yard dumpster will likely suffice—unless you anticipate throwing out a lot of large items like all the furnishing from a bedroom. Projects that involve removing big furniture or appliances should utilize a 20-yard dumpster to be safe. Talk to our team if you’re ever unsure which dumpster size to choose.


Does Your Tree Need Cabling by a Cincinnati Arborist?

arborist in a treeLike all living things, trees can suffer from damage or growth defects, causing them to grow in unattractive or even dangerous ways. When you have a troublesome tree on your property, cabling by a Cincinnati arborist may be the best solution to ensure it grows safely and beautifully in the future.

What is Tree Cabling?

You may have heard cabling referred to as bracing. Simply put, cabling or bracing a tree means installing flexible steel cables that stabilize the tree and reduce its stress. It’s especially helpful for trees with weak branches or limbs that cannot withstand severe weather or heavy burdens of snow or foliage.

Would My Tree Benefit?

Since cabling improves the tree’s longevity and overall health, most trees could benefit from it. However, arborists typically recommend cabling for these reasons:

Open Wound: When there is an open wound in the trunk or a branch, your tree is especially vulnerable to diseases and fungi. Cabling helps keep your tree intact while it heals.

Codominant Stems: A tree with two or more main stems emerging from the same location on the trunk has a higher risk of failure. The junction between the stems undergoes constant extreme stress, making the tree extra susceptible to breakage. Cabling reduces the risk.

Damage Control: An arborist may recommend cabling if your tree is at risk of losing a limb due to uneven growth, weather damage, or any other reason. With the right technique, your tree will remain whole and beautiful for the rest of its natural life.

How to Maintain Your Mulch Year Round

Maintain Your MulchYou’ve spread your fresh mulch at a nice even depth of four inches around your garden, flower beds, trees, and shrubs. You step back and proudly marvel how good it all looks. Then you say to yourself, “I wish it could look this good year-round.” That’s a legitimate concern because the weather does take its toll, even if you are using the best mulch in Cincinnati.


Mulch is one of our specialties at Perfect Cut Tree Service, and we’re happy to provide advice so you can maintain yours.


For starters, we’ll tell you that mulch doesn’t need a lot of attention, but it will benefit from a bit of upkeep. Ideally, you will mulch in the spring and the fall.


One of the first things you’re going to want to do is check the depth as it should be between two and three inches. If it’s less, add more.


Make sure you remove weeds that poke their way through to the surface, and this is another case where you may have to add a bit more. This also helps maintain the color and fresh appearance of mulch.


Rake your mulch a couple of times per year to prevent clumps from forming and to keep it from compacting.


If you follow these simple steps, you will have the best mulch in Cincinnati, and your plants and garden will thank you for it.

Types of Mulch and How to Choose the Right One for Your Garden

Choose the Right MulchGardening is fun and can be quite involved depending on how much effort and research you put into it. For example, did you know there are various types of mulch? Most people likely figure there is just one and are happy to apply it to their gardens and flower beds. At Perfect Cut Tree Service, we know all about mulch, and in this post, we’ll give you information to know all about it too.


Let’s start by defining mulch. It is material applied to gardens and landscaping features to slow weed growth, improve soil quality, reduce evaporation, and improve appearance. It’s also handy for playgrounds as a safety material under slides and swings.


There are two basic types: organic, such as bark mulch and shredded wood mulch, and inorganic, which includes pea gravel, small stones, or sand. If you need a lot, your best bet is a mulch delivery in Cincinnati. That’s much easier than making many trips yourself.


Organic mulch is the leading choice because it improves the soil quality by adding nutrients as it breaks down. On the other hand, inorganic is ideal for slopes and areas that face a lot of runoff as it’s resistant to erosion.


Whatever you choose, make sure you have enough to get the job done. It is recommended to spread mulch about three inches deep. We suggest you schedule a mulch delivery in Cincinnati to meet your needs.

What’s the Difference Between Regular & Playground Mulch in Cincinnati?

Rubber MulchYou might think that all mulch is the same, but that just isn’t the case. Different types of mulch are created to provide different types of benefits for the areas they are going to cover. Take, for example, the differences between regular mulch and playground mulch in Cincinnati.

Regular Mulch – Is typically made out of natural wood chips that have been treated to ensure they are free of any plant pathogens, harmful pests, or weed seeds that can damage your yard or garden. Regular mulch is designed to provide effective weed control while degenerating into soil nutrients for enhanced fertility. Furthermore, regular mulch features a soft, shredded texture that allows it to easily fit into any space on your yard.

Playground Mulch – Normally made out of recycled rubber, this type of mulch is designed to resist erosion by the elements. This helps you avoid the need to replace it on an annual basis. While this type of mulch doesn’t need to be replaced as often, it also doesn’t break down into nutrients, which means less of a benefit to the soil. It is, however, just as good at stopping weeds in their tracks. Do not be confused by the name, however, because not all playground mulch is good for play fields.

Do You Need a Junk Removal or Same-Day Dumpster Service in Cincinnati?

Dumpster RentalDoing some updates around your home? Maybe you have finally decided to go full Marie Kondo on all of that unwanted stuff? When you are getting rid of a lot of materials, your regular trash service may not be available or willing to pick everything up. That means you are going to have to find an alternative solution to getting rid of all of that junk. The question is: do you need a junk removal service or a same-day dumpster service in Cincinnati?

The type of service you need depends on how much of the work you plan on doing on your own. A junk removal service actually does all of the work for you. Just let them know what is leaving and they will haul it all away for you. Something to keep in mind, however, is that with each trip they have to make, the amount you will need to pay increases.

Renting a dumpster, on the other hand, puts you in full control over the removal of your unwanted junk. This allows you to take your time as you go. Once the dumpster is full, or your project is finished, the company you are working with will come and haul it away. They will bring you a fresh dumpster as well if necessary.

How to Stop Stubborn Tree-Killing Insects

Tree-Killing Insect DamageYou love the trees on your property and the beauty they bring to it. However, you hate the insects that attack and damage your trees, but the steps you take to prevent this from happening are futile. What is your solution? How can you stop those stubborn tree-killing insects from destroying your greenery?


At Perfect Cut Tree Service, we know a thing or two about dealing with insects, and we’re happy to provide some information here for the benefit of your trees.


The first thing you’re going to want to do is to recognize if your trees are under attack. You can do this by looking for tell-tale signs of insect damage, such as holes in the bark, dieback of the crown of the tree, and sawdust-like material emanating from cracks in the bark.


Once you’ve determined that, and if you can identify the type of insect, then you can apply the right measures to eliminate them and help your tree. Pests come in three main types: boring, chewing, and sucking. Insecticides and barriers are two of the most common methods for control.


If you don’t have the time or skills to protect your trees, the answer is to hire an arborist in Cincinnati. A certified and experienced arborist has a combination of training and know-how that is very useful in the fight against bugs and borers.


Prevention is the best approach, and the services of an arborist can help with this as well by delivering maintenance and tree care.

Choosing the Right Dumpster Size for the Job

Dumpster RentalsHave you ever rented a moving truck and figured the one you picked might be way too big for the job, and then at the end of the day marveled at the fact that it was completely full? Or thought you would never be able to get the stuff you bought at the big box store into the trunk of your car and were surprised you had lots of room left over?


These examples are presented by the team at Perfect Cut Tree Service to illustrate that it’s not easy to guess the size of a space in relation to what you will need for a job, such as a household cleanup. We provide dumpster rentals in Cincinnati and want individuals to have the knowledge they need to make informed choices.


It’s important to make the right decision when you need a large-scale container for your project. Choose one too small and you’ve got stuff left that still has to be put somewhere; too large and you’re wasting money on space you don’t need.


For example, a 14-yard dumpster is ideal for lawn and tree debris or when you want to clean out your garage. A 20-yard dumpster can hold the contents of a large basement, attic, or a great deal of yard waste. Also, keep in mind that there are weight limits on dumpsters, with 11,000 pounds being a standard.