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The Benefits of Purchasing Your Mulch in Bulk

mulchMulch or not to mulch? The answer is yes, you need it, but a little or a lot? At Perfect Cut Tree Service, we believe that it’s best to purchase bulk mulch in Cincinnati, and we’re going to tell you why.

First of all, buying in bulk can save you money on picking up individual bags over and over again. Larger purchases allow you to get more for a lesser price per unit. It’s also environmentally friendlier to buy a large load as it means fewer plastic bags being used and sent into the landfills.

Also, with bulk mulch, you can expect consistency. In bagged mulch, there are often variances in color from bag to bag. Large loads have the same shading across the entire product.

Once you purchase your mulch, you can store it in a convenient spot on your property and have quick and ready access to it whenever you need it. That means no more trips to the landscaping supply store when you notice a few areas where the mulch is thinner than you’d like.

If you have any further questions about mulch, give us a call at Perfect Cut Tree Services, and we’ll be happy to provide the information you need.

Tree Problems You May be Facing This Summer

arborist cincinnati Summer is the time for growth and renewal. Your trees and shrubs burst with greenery and flowers and start sending new shoots and roots to become more established in your garden. However, summer is also a time that you can run into problems with your plants, and advice from a professional arborist in Cincinnati might be in order.

Diseases & Insects

Warm weather and rain are not only friends to your trees and shrubs; diseases and insects also love the improved conditions. Watch out for brown or yellowing on leaves and check for fungus and insect activity. They can both quickly cause foliage to start dying and compromise the plant’s health.

Overcoming Drought

Summer heat means your plants get thirsty. Curled and dried leaves indicate that the plant is struggling. A deep drink a few times a week will help keep them healthy and strong.

Overzealous Pruning

Although it’s tempting to snip excess growth, try not to overdo it. While your trees and shrubs don’t mind some judicious trimming, and many often benefit from it, less is more with some species. If you’re not sure, call in an arborist, so pruning is done correctly.

Transplanting Stress

Introducing a new plant to your yard can be exciting for you but stressful for the plant. They can experience shock when they get moved, and in some cases, never recover. Apply a plant start product during the transplant, and you’ll see a higher rate of survival.

Reasons You Might Need Residential Dumpster Rental

residential dumpsterWe’ve all seen the large bins outside someone’s house. Usually, they’re located in the driveway and, over time, become filled with whatever the homeowner is throwing away. Eventually, that bin will get removed by the dumpster rental company. The convenience of residential dumpster rentals in Cincinnati makes the disposal of a large amount of trash with a simple phone call easy. The bin will show up where you want it and when it’s full, everything disappears like it was never there.

Homeowners might need to rent a dumpster for a variety of reasons, including:

Spring Cleaning

It can feel great to get rid of all that junk you have no use for anymore. Whether clearing out your garage or purging items taking up too much space, residential dumpster rental could be the answer.

Home Renovations

Most people are unprepared for the amount of waste generated by home renovations. Cabinets, flooring, and other construction materials create a large volume of trash.

Weather Damage

Weather can wreak havoc with your exterior. If your property suffered damage from a storm, you might have broken branches and debris in your yard that your regular garbage collection won’t take.

Party Waste Disposal

The big event you’re planning will probably leave behind a lot of spent party supplies. Simplify your clean-up and prepare for partygoers with residential dumpster rental.

Don’t DIY – Hire a Professional Tree Trimmer

arboristHomeowners’ focus on manicured lawns has resulted in landscaping becoming a multi-billion dollar industry that grows every year. Most homeowners want great curb appeal and, in their pursuit of the perfect landscape, sometimes feel they can do their own tree trimming. While this move can save you money, it also has potential dangers. Here are the top three reasons why you should hire a professional to do your tree trimming in Cincinnati, OH.


Proper tree trimming takes a lot of time and effort. You need the right tools to trim the trees efficiently. In addition to knowing the best practices for tree maintenance, expert tree trimmers have all the necessary equipment as well. Arranging for tree trimming allows you to rest easy, knowing that your trees will get the best care in the shortest time.


Pruning a tree is not just about cutting off some of the branches. Tree trimming requires knowledge as over-pruning can endanger a trees survival. When you consult a professional arborist, you’ll receive excellent guidance on pruning and shaping trees.


Overgrown branches can lead to safety concerns. They can injure homeowners or guests on their property. It’s wise to make pruning and trimming trees a routine maintenance task. However, cutting or maintaining trees can expose you to a range of risks. Professionals that offer tree trimming services have the right safety equipment and the appropriate tools to avoid accidents.


Why Your Tree Leaves Are Dying: Advice from Our Arborists

treeTree care is a crucial investment for the future of private and commercial landscapes. A healthy tree may occasionally have a dead limb, brown leaves, or other common problems, but it can sometimes mean you have a dying tree. It’s important to take notice of such concerning signs and contact your local arborist in Cincinnati, OH, so the issues can be analyzed and addressed.

Here are the top two reasons your leaves may be dying:

Sun Over-Exposure

Brown leaves are often caused by over-exposure to the sun and are commonly known as “leaf scorch.” It can be made worse by problems like lack of water, too much fertilizer, and damage to roots. Young trees are particularly susceptible to sun overexposure and so should be planted in the spring or fall when UV rays are less intense.

Frost Damage

If brown leaves start appearing on trees in the spring, it can indicate frost damage. A professional arborist will tell you that this may temporarily ruin the tree’s appearance, but it’s unlikely to kill the tree. If browning leaves appear in summer, inadequate watering or high winds may be the culprits. Additionally, leaves with black spots are typically caused by a fungus that thrives in moist conditions, making this a common problem in more humid climates.

The Benefits of Renting a Dumpster for Your Home Renovation

dumpsterWhen you’re planning a renovation, you’ll need a convenient way to dispose of old, outdated materials as you make way for your updates. Our company provides residential dumpster rentals in Cincinnati at a competitive price. Here are a few benefits you can expect when you rent a dumpster for your upcoming project.

  1. Maintains a Clean Space – Renovations produce a lot of waste. In addition to the old flooring, fixtures, and other materials, you’ll have empty paint cans, packaging, and much else to get rid of. Having an on-site dumpster will help you manage the waste and keep a cleaner space.
  2. Promotes Safety – Especially when you’re still living in your home during the renovation, a residential dumpster rental can help you keep things safe. Clutter such as old hardware can become a hazard for children and pets. Having a way to dispose of these things can prevent accidental injury.
  3. Quickens the Process – Renovations can take time. You don’t want to slow things down by having debris, garbage, and old materials in the way. By renting a dumpster, you can more quickly and conveniently eliminate waste and keep the project on track for a timely completion.


Prepare for Summer with Our Helpful Tree Care Tips

tree canopyAs summer approaches, there are certain steps you can take to maintain the health and attractive appearance of your trees. As your arborist in Cincinnati, we are available to provide a full range of services to promote your trees’ wellbeing. Here are a few tips on how you can prepare for summer.

  1. Mulching – Mulching is an effective way to prevent weeds, conserve soil moisture, and stabilize soil temperature. It’s best to mulch in a donut shape around the tree without mounding the mulch against the trunk, which can lead to insect problems and disease.
  2. Fertilization – Before summer, consider fertilizing your trees so that they have the right nutrition to support continued growth.
  3. Pruning – Summertime pruning may be necessary if you have dead branches or trees that flower in the spring.
  4. Irrigation – On average, trees need about an inch of water per week. Especially if you have young or newly planted trees, you’ll want to make sure they get an appropriate amount of water.
  5. Pest Inspections – It never hurts to check for pests before they lead to major problems; your arborist will identify any threats to your trees and recommend any needed treatments.

Spring Tree Trimming and Pruning

arborist trimming a treeSpring tree pruning is like spring cleaning for your garden or yard. Not only will removing the old, dead branches from shrubs and trees improve the plants’ health, but it can also enhance the look of your property.

How to Prune Trees in Spring

The right tree pruning depends on the type of tree and the season. You may be comfortable doing the task yourself, or it may be more convenient to arrange for a professional to handle the landscaping and tree trimming in Cincinnati, OH. While light pruning can be done any time of year on any tree, anything more than removing the deadwood can potentially harm your tree if its not done in the proper season. Taking down branches broken during winter storms is not an issue, but you should wait until the coldest part of winter has passed to do any major work.

Removing dead, diseased, and weak growth with tree trimming is the key to improving a growing tree’s health. Thinning out a tree also allows for more light and air to get in, enhancing its strength and overall condition.

Spring Tree Pruning by Type

The ideal time to prune your tree will depend on when it typically starts to bloom. If a tree starts to flower after midsummer, then spring is the best time for tree trimming. Trees that usually bloom in the winter, spring, or early fall should be pruned soon after the flowers have faded. The timeline here can help you decide when to start pruning some common trees and shrubs.

  • When budding starts: Rose of Sharon
  • After flowering: Flowering dogwood, forsythia, lilac, rhododendron, and climbing rose
  • Early spring: Apple, cherry, peach, plum, and trumpet vine
  • Spring: Virginia creeper, wisteria, rose, and clematis



Signs It’s Time for Tree Removal

tree stump being removedRemoving a tree from your property could be a difficult experience. However, when a tree poses safety risks to people or objects in its shade below, the smartest thing to do is contact a professionally trained arborist for tree removal in Cincinnati, OH. Diagnosing a dead tree or damaged is truly a two-person task. You and your local arborist both play a key role in keeping your yard safe from hazardous trees.

To help you notice the telltale signs of when a tree needs to be removed, here are a few solid tips:

Signs That Your Tree is Dead or Diseased

Begin by scratching a small piece of bark off of a few twigs on the tree. If the layer underneath the otter bark is brown and dry, it may need tree removal. Continue to look for other signs, including:

  • Decay – Producing Fungi, Like Mushrooms at the Base of the Trunk
  • Peeling or Chipped Bark
  • Cracks in the Trunk
  • Cavities in the Trunk or Large Scaffold Branches
  • Hanging or Dead branches in the Upper Crown
  • Fine Twigs With No Living Buds On the Ends of Branches

If you spot one or more of these signs, it’s time to contact a professional arborist to step in and determine if tree removal is needed. Get in touch to schedule a tree risk assessment.


Renting Dumpsters for Spring Cleanups in Cincinnati

blue dumpsterSpring cleaning is a big project, especially if you aim to remodel, throw out a lot of clutter, or free up space in your garage or shed. Rather than leaving a trash bag mountain at your curb to wait for weekly garbage pickup, simplify the job by renting a dumpster.

Using our dumpsters for cleanups in Cincinnati lets you skip the hassle of bagging items, plus you won’t have to worry about creating a nuisance for your neighbors and sanitation workers. Best of all, if you have large or unwieldy items to remove, you can just toss them into the dumpster with no fuss. The work will go quicker, and you’ll create less mess in the course of your spring cleaning.

Choosing Your Dumpster Size

A 14-yard or 20-yard dumpster can accommodate nearly any residential spring cleaning project. Use the following guidelines to choose a dumpster for cleanup between these two standard sizes.

When you’re working on a shed, a couple of small rooms, a basement, or a garage, a 14-yard dumpster will likely suffice—unless you anticipate throwing out a lot of large items like all the furnishing from a bedroom. Projects that involve removing big furniture or appliances should utilize a 20-yard dumpster to be safe. Talk to our team if you’re ever unsure which dumpster size to choose.